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Binary download

vienna.jar -- Java JAR file, approx 220k. This is a "binary" file -- it contains everything you need to run ViennaSQL except the Java run-time and a JDBC driver.

You will also need:

  • A Java run-time or development environment -- at least version 1.2. Get it from Sun, for example. Make sure you don't already have one before spending ages on a 50Mb download.
  • A JDBC driver for your database. See the links pages for resources.

Source download

Ignore this section if you just want to use ViennaSQL -- you don't need any of this stuff to run it.

vienna-1.2-src.jar -- Java JAR file, approx 140k. Doesn't include the binaries, so you will either need to download vienna.jar or compile it yourself.

You will also need:

  • MinML the minimal XML parser used to parse the ViennaSQL configuration file.
  • The Sun Look and Feel Graphics Repository used on ViennaSQL's toolbar buttons (free registration required).
  • The ant Java based build tool used to build ViennaSQL. ant is a modern alternative to make.

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